July 25, 2024

Bandits, With Zip Ties

Pokemon Go and Criminals

With Pokemon Go still going strong, there’s not surprise that the app is leading to many arrests. Probably not for reasons you think of, though. Here are some unique cases of Pokemon Go players showing what you shouldn’t do through the game. Don’t stab someone if they ask you to battle. Michael Baker, 21, of […]


Stuck in a Badger Hole

Some stories of criminals really make you think they are actually animals. I mean, why else would a man try to climb into a badger hole? Gregory Morrow, 22, was a man on the run from the police. He ended up stuck in a badger hole that was on land owned by the Bureau of […]


Facebook Feud

Joshua Furbeck of Fulton, New York was arrested after threatening a member of the Secret Service and his family. Furbeck allegedly called the home of the agent, Christopher Secondo, and left a message on his answering machine that threatened the agent and his family on September 12th, 2016. In the message, Furbeck says that if […]


When a Mannequin Challenge Gets You in Trouble

Have you heard of the Mannequin Challenge? This has become a viral trend on the Internet where people act like a mannequin, frozen in time, while a camera moves around and films them. For social media platforms that are popular like Instagram and Twitter, the hashtag #MannequinChallenge has been used. Many people believe that this […]