June 25, 2024

Bandits, With Zip Ties

It was 2004 when all the white people began moving in to take advantage of the downtown access, the fitness center, building offices, ground level shops/restaurants, and views. Easy access to Ford Field, The Fox Theatre, Comerica Park, the Casinos, the Opera House, and the new roundabout beach (?) in the middle of the city made this building prime positioning for the regentrification of the city.


All those white flight sons and daughters who had spent years visiting these sites without setting foot on Detroit ground suddenly wanted to live in the middle of the action, they wanted some of that Detroit-cred, they wanted to have access to everything that had lied abandoned for decades. And they had the money to pay for it!


Unfortunately for Garry and his neighbors, some of whom had been living in the abandoned building since the 1980s, were forced out of a $1500/month apartment they had been in for decades rent free.


The windows that had once been busted out, through which flocks of birds would weave, were not UV treated professional commercial windows hiding behind blinds.  The façade that had once worn the history of the city like a badge of honor was now bright gleaming white, always being tended to. The common areas were pristine, there were rules to keep it that way.


And Garry – he got a job as a doorman at the Kales Building greeting, every day, the white young family now living inside of his beautiful 2000-sq ft apartment.


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