April 16, 2024

Bandits, With Zip Ties

With Pokemon Go still going strong, there’s not surprise that the app is leading to many arrests. Probably not for reasons you think of, though. Here are some unique cases of Pokemon Go players showing what you shouldn’t do through the game.

  1. Don’t stab someone if they ask you to battle. Michael Baker, 21, of Oregon was out hunting Pokemon in Forest Grove at 1 a.m. when he met up with a stranger who was also playing the game. He asked the man if he wanted to battle and was stabbed in the shoulder. Baker called the police but wouldn’t be treated because he wanted to continue playing Pokemon Go. After he finished playing, he went to the hospital and received eight stitches.
  2. Don’t rob distracted Pokemon Masters. In Flint, Michigan, two men were robbed while they were playing Pokemon Go. Two suspects were able to get close enough to the distracted played to rob them at gunpoint.
  3. Don’t drive and Pokemon Go at the same time. Yes, we all know driving while distracted is a huge problem already. Mixing in Pokemon Go has increased the distractions. In New York, an ex-marine crashed into a tree while trying to catch the Pokemon, Lapras. He sustained leg lacerations and broke his ankle in the crash. He admitted to cops that he was playing Pokemon Go at the time.
  4. Don’t Use Pokemon Go as a sex offender to lure in kids. The experts have warned of the dangers of this game to parents. A big concern is how sex offenders can take advantage of children by using it. In fact, a convicted sex offender named Randy Zuick was found playing the game alongside a sixteen year old boy outside of a courthouse in Indiana. This violated the mans terms of his plea agreement. He had only been registered on the sex offender list for three months and wasn’t supposed to interact with kids.
  5. Don’t break into the Zoo to play Pokemon Go. People have done some crazy things to catch Pokemon and get Pokestops. Most people haven’t put themselves in a position where they may be mauled by a tiger for the game, though. Adrian Crawford and Robin Batholomy are not facing charges for criminal trespassing for jumping the fence at 2 a.m. at the Toledo Zoo. They were found near the tiger exhibit. Supposedly, they were playing the game at a nearby park and decided to hunt for Pokemon at the zoo next.

There is a lot of fun to be had by playing Pokemon Go. Just remember, there are lines you should never cross, even for the sought after Lapras.




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